Early undelegate of tokens

You can request fast undelegate of your tokens placed in staking, re-staking or liquid pools.

We will send them to you within 60 minutes, after network fees and other costs.

The cost is 40 USDT.


  1. Transfer 40 USDT to any of these addresses:

TRC20: TKPC57UdpJ8dcZJm84LTF6pKkPE634gkN8

BSC: 0x674256b63c778b3ff1c90d35845bb5e4e51cb61f

ERC20: 0x674256b63c778b3ff1c90d35845bb5e4e51cb61f

Sonala: EhiLC83FpK4rJcJ9kjhWsoo8xAB4BV6WkWoNVSBDRGZn

Optimism: 0x674256b63c778b3ff1c90d35845bb5e4e51cb61f

Arbitrum: 0x674256b63c778b3ff1c90d35845bb5e4e51cb61f

Mantle: 0x674256b63c778b3ff1c90d35845bb5e4e51cb61f

Polygon: 0x674256b63c778b3ff1c90d35845bb5e4e51cb61f

  1. Write to the support bot and provide all the necessary data and a link to the 40 USDT transaction you made.

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